Monthly Fees Increased, Lawsuits Filed!

The previous board members, Don Mihalik, John Hibbert, Frances (Dolly) Graziano signed off with KB Homes before all homes were completed, along with other repair issues. They did nothing to have these homes repaired. Dolly’s response “We had to sign off, we were broke”

Don illegally removed $48,103.00 from our funds to hire his buddy, Edward (Eddie) Contino, an unlicensed contractor with a criminal past, to do electrical work which KB Home / Dueall should have done. It gets much worse! Don was receiving kickbacks from Contino! The State Attorney gave me the text messages, you can see here: Test Messages

By paying Eddie Contino and the gates, we couldn’t pay July bills, a first in Willowbrook. When Ann Quinn came on the board, she said to let the next year’s board deal with the repairs, while owners were still unable to live in their units or living in unfinished homes.  Clearly, the board was not representing the owners. Ann also stated to put the Eddie Contino issue behind us. Why would we, when we are out over $50,000, from the boards illegal actions?

At the meeting to discuss and sign off with KB Home, which they made this extremely important meeting during the day, to avoid owners hearing the truth, that homes were not completed and we were broke.  Owners told the board and our association lawyers, their homes were not completed. Legal response: “Sue the Association” This was said multiple times during the meeting. Now we are being sued with more to come. Why would the association attorney say this? They were fully aware homes were not completed, additional work needed to be done. Did the board go against the advice of their attorney?

A letter was sent from the association attorney to KB’s outside counsel on 3/27/15

Click here for the settlement agreement Signed by John Hibbert and voted in favor by Hibbert, Don, Dolly and Ann. (I voted no, for obvious reasons) Part of it states:

WHEREAS, all work contemplated by the Settlement and Release Agreement Dated October 22, 2012 has been completed to the satisfaction of the Association

The original agreement for repairs

No surprise, now we are being sued, with more suit/suits to be filed. Buyers are unable to obtain mortgages. Our insurance rates are expected to go up $42,291.00 according to our 2017 proposed budget, based on our insurance agent.

Don, Dolly and John Hibbert voted on removing reserve money from our account during a board meeting. I told them it was illegal and who is Edward Contino with $48,103.00 in handwritten receipts, no addresses of where the work was done. Where was the vote to hire him? John Hibbert said: “We had a private board meeting to hire Contino”. (Which is highly illegal) Why was he protecting Don Mihalik and not the owners? Don hired Edward Contino, without a board vote, to come multiple times to the complex to do work KB/Dueall should have done. Contino has told the detective and myself that Don received kickbacks of approximately $20,000. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know this whole Contino issue stinks. The police have footage of Don with Contino cashing at least one check. Why would he go with Contino?

 AMI also signed the checks to Contino, never getting his insurance information, workman’s comp etc.  Most of the reserve money was to reimburse for an illegal hiring of an unlicensed contractor Edward Contino to do work, work that KB/Dueall should have done. (Scroll down to see the hand written, no addresses on the invoices.)  Buyers were unable to obtain mortgages because our reserves were below the legal limit.   The DBPR found Willowbrook in violation of removing the funds to reimburse for Edward Contino. We now by law have to repay $48,103.00 back into our reserves over the next two years for their illegal removal of the money. We were also fined by the county and had to pay for permits. I’m sure we also paid legal on this too.

I filed the complaint with the DBPR, contacted the County Building Department and the police. Felony charges are now placed on Contino. Click Court Records Search, then last name: Contino  First name: Edward  I was told additional charges will be placed by the State Attorney.

First, the board should have never taken money out from the reserves, secondly, why didn’t they take a loan out? Money was also taken out for adding the new arm gates, in my opinion, a material change, that requires the owners vote. (This part did not fall under the DBPR section I filed with. A different approach has to be taken for the gates. By July 1015, we couldn’t pay our bills.

Don got reelected to the board this year, after sending out lies to all owners about me. Dolly and Ann also worked very hard to make sure they were elected along with John Hibbert, I believe to cover themselves and what they have done to Willowbrook. After they knew full well Don stole our money, they made Don Vice-President. 3 days after the election I was given the text messages from the State Attorney and Don immediately resigned. The bord to this day still trys (And may have) hold illegal meetings. They are not telling the owners what is really happening in Willowbrook, nor have they even informed the owners, required by law, there are 4 lawsuits against the association, for them not doing their fiduciary job. It’s a shame, more people won’t run for the board.


Mold Investors Home

Mold After an Investor’s Home was Remediated


Mold – Serious Issue That Plagues Us – Must Read!

Does your mold assessment state Limited?  That is exactly what it means, limited!  AMRC is NOT giving a certificate for clearance in Willowbrook homes. This will affect your resale value and you can possibly be sued, along with health issues and mold remediation down the road that the Association could be paying out of pocket for and most likely have major additional fees assessed.  Investors Warning: Renters have taken investors to court for mold and won!

There have many vacant homes that have gone into foreclosure or abandoned. Many investors are not in the area and are not aware of the serious mold issues and improper mold remediation.   As owners of being in an Association, you will be liable as a whole if improper mold remediation or lack of mold remediation is missed on any home. Mold Remediation is not cheap and just one home alone could cost tens of thousands of dollars and even more if someone becomes ill.

Mold remediation is to go 24″ in all directions past mold or suspected mold. This would include cutting into the ceiling or going into the floor.  You need to demand to the board / KB Home, that a complete mold assessment, including your garage and attic and be given a clearance certificate.  At this point no clearance letters are being given to protect you.

They may come back and state the garage is an open area, not a contained / climate controlled room and therefore no mold remediation will be done, as they have told some people. Fact, if you had mold or water intrusion, your garage is to be remediated as well. Don’t take no for an answer, mold only spreads. Some garages of people who are putting their foot down are being remediated.

If you have mold, are they cleaning the a/c and ducts? The Attorney General has even contacted Roxanne to see if anyone has had their a/c cleaned, because this is a serious issue that is NOT being addressed in the majority of homes. Why are only a few select people having their air conditioners done and most other homeowners are not?  If you have mold, it will circulate through the house, without proper remediation you still have mold. Mold is a health hazard and the longer you are exposed to it, the more it could have toxic effects to you and your pets. When you have a mold air test done, have your a/c off and no blowers running and your windows closed for 24 hours. This includes pretesting and post testing!

Only about half of the people in Willowbrook have requested a mold inspection. It is imperative that you have one done immediately including air sample tests on all levels before KB is out, which will be soon and the costs will fall on the Association and ultimately the homeowner. If you only had a visual inspection done, demand an air test be done on each level. 

A homeowner had major mold issues in her master bedroom along with other rooms. AMRC did not find any mold in her bedroom during her inspection, as she was leaving she told her where she saw mold. The homeowner asked her about the master bedroom and she went flying back up there, only to come back down and say she found the mold. It was so obvious, it makes me concerned about what she missed. She was also given a clearance on a contained area, She then immediately hired an inspector who found otherwise.

Many people have been using Breath Easy, their number is (727) 564-8065 They normally charge $375.00 for a full inspection with air test, but we are given a break in Willowbrook for $300.00


Do you feel soft spots, dips in your flooring? It could be from water damage or other issues including major construction defects. You need to file a warranty claim and don’t let them get away with sending an unlicensed inspector, as they have done in the past, you want a structural engineer.  I would also send an email to the board and demand Karin’s Engineering look at the issue. The board can be held liable for the subfloor issues and if it isn’t addressed now, it can be financially devastating for owners down the road. Besides the Association being liable for the outside walls, they are also liable for anything under the carpet / laminated flooring.  You can see the report here: Karins Report Flooring