Get your neighbors together and go to the media as you can see what our complex has accomplished 


NBC –  KB Homeowners say insurance will not pay claims

ABC –  KB Homes built on top of bombs

Life & Times – Runkle Canyon Development – Radioactive

NBC – Homeowner ‘Gets McGinty’ for cracking floor – Charlotte, North Carolina  – Issues are not just in Florida, there are complaints from all states KB Home builds in

ABC – KB Home Warranty Complaints – Atlanta, Georgia

NBC – KB Homeowners say builder won’t fix their homes

CBS – KB Home problems expand to Gibsonton residences

NBC – Complaints against KB Home continue to mount; Company says it is fixing problems – East coast of Florida

CBS – Lathrop Couple Launches Website Blasting KB Home For Problems In Their Home – California

CBS – Willowbrook residents still not made whole by KB Home

ABC – Disgruntled Lathrop man develops website to blast home builder – California

FOX – Residents cope with construction in moldy condos

CBS – Bay area resident wants KB Home to fix house

 Media Corruption & The “Big Six” – KB Homes Exposed? – A must watch!                

NBC – KB Home repairs to Willowbrook condos underway

FOX – Under pressure home builders petitioning for compromise

NBC – Balcony problems link KB Home complexes

CBS – Construction concerns on site of KB Home repairs in Bradenton

NBC – Troubles Continue For KB Home 

NBC – KB Home files lawsuit against 41 subcontractors

CBS – KB Home sues dozens of subcontractors that worked on Willowbrook

NBC – KB Home repairs to Willowbrook condos underway

CBS 10/4/12 – Nine years of failed fixes from KB Home

CBS 11/12/12 – Homeowners planning ‘monster’ KB Home protest  

CBS 10/16/12   – KB Home, Willowbrook Town home problems topic of Manatee Commissioners briefings

NBC 10/26/12 – Another complex

NBC 10/5/12 – KB Home faced prior complaints in Texas

CBS 10/4/12 – Another community KB Home repairs home for 9 years and “forgets” to finish

CBS 10/2/12 – Senator Bennett calls on Attorney General to investigate KB Home Willowbrook

CBS 9/28/12 – Investigators find questionable inspections at Willowbrook

CBS 9/26/12 – KB Home victims seeking legal options

NBC 9/24/12 Homeowner takes KB to court. KB tried to get case thrown out that they didn’t “intentionally harm him”

NBC 9/20/12 Better Business Bureau has revoked its accreditation and giving KB NF rating.

NBC – Better Business Bureau – Revoked KB Home giving them an F rating

NBC 9/19/12 Investigation deepens into KB Home 

CBS 9/19/12 – Homeowners confront KB Home KB Home keeps clamp on former

ABC 9/19/12 Willowbrook repairs begin

CBS 9/18/12 Repairs begin – Buy us back

NBC 9/18/12 Residents feud with HOA KB confident units can be fixed, right, KB has had years to repair. Enough is enough

NBC 9/14/12 – Lawsuit alleges KB Executives knew about structural defects

CBS 9/14/12 – Willowbrook owners react to KB Home investigation 

Fox 9/14/12 – Under-pressure home builders petitioning for compromise

CBS 9/13/12 – Whistleblowers say KB knew about Willowbrook problems – EXCELLENT

NBC 9/12/12 – A different complex

ABC 9/11/12

NBC 9/11/12 – A different complex

CBS 9/11/12 – Building complaints about KB 

WTSP 9/11/12 – Another complex

Fox 9/9/12 – Homeowners blame builder for construction flaws, mold

NBC 9/6/12 – Homeowners meet face to face with an executive from KB Home

NBC 8/22/12

CBS 8/21/12 – Homeowners ask Manatee County for help

FOX 8/22/12 – Manatee homeowners turn to county in fight with homebuilder

ABC 8/21/12

NBC 8/20/12 – My home The building department said a building permit was needed which is false. They were also called numerous times by my contractor to come look and they refused, my home was not “contaminated”

NBC 8/17/12 – My home with my contractor

NBC 8/16/12 – My home with my contractor

ABC 8/16/12 – Willowbrook homeowners face another obstacle 

Fox 8/9/12

ABC 8/6/12

Fox 8/6/12

Fox 8/4/12

NBC 8/9/12

CBS 8/9/12

NBC 8/8/12 – My complex

CBS 8/4/12

ABC 8/4/12

Additional headaches for owners

CBS – KB Home resident faces slander lawsuit for speaking out

ABC – Construction critics face defamation suit

NBC – Bradenton residents sued by contractor for defamation

ABC – Willowbrook homeowner speaks out about slander lawsuit

Videos made by homeowners

Willowbrook Resident Angry at KB Home

Homeowner  – Video showing extreme mold