.Get your neighbors together and go to the media,  see what our complex has accomplished 

WTSP   KB Homes Moldy Home Could Lead to Deadly Infection

Bradenton Herald – Past Lawsuits alledge KB Home knew of defects in Willowbrook

Tampa Bay Business Journal – KB Homes deals with unsatisfied customers, increasing lawsuits

NBC – Port St Lucie – Stucco Issues – Water Intrusion

Bradenton Herald – Bradenton Times As Willowbrook Condo repairs drag on, residents’ frustrations grow

Bradenton Herald – Willowbrook Repairs Continue, a Look Back  

WTSP – Nine years of failed fixes from KB Home

WTSP – Homeowners planning ‘monster’ KB Home protest  

WTSP – KB Home, Willowbrook Town home problems topic of Manatee Commissioners briefings 

Bradenton Herald – State Senator asks Florida Attorney General to investigate KB Home

Bradenton Herald  – More unsafe balconies identified at Willowbrook

Tampa Tribune – Lawsuit says KB knew of Willowbrook home defects

Bradenton Herald – Another KB whistleblower urges investigation by Florida

CBS – KB Home Victims seeking legal options

Bradenton Herald  – Condo values worry Willowbrook owners

18 Azorina Homeowners File Complaints with Attorney General  

Bradenton Herald  – Correction to  Bradenton article

Tampa Tribune 8/27/12 – My Home and others

Bradenton Herald –  Please see correction Bradenton Herald 

Bradenton Herald  – Unsafe balconies 

Bradenton Herald  – KB should buy back defective homes


Bradenton Herald – Owners ask Commissioners for help

Your Observer  – Residents continue their fight

Bradenton Herald  – Commissioners ask for report on problems

Bradenton Herald  – Owners take concerns to Commissioners


Bradenton Herald  – Owners reach out to others in KB protest

Tampa Tribune 8/20/12 – Front Page Story

A blow to people who live in California

Your Observer 

Bradenton Herald  – Willowbrook homeowners, unite to fight builder over poor construction

Bradenton Herald  – Homes must be secured in East Manatee’s Willowbrook community

Your Observer  – Buy it Back detailed article

Bradenton Herald  – Condo values worry homeowners

Bradenton Herald  – Golden Rule would have gone a long way in clearing the air at Willowbrook



Bradenton Herald  – Excellent article

Bradenton Herald  – Willowbrook residents refuse repairs


Bradenton Herald  – Workmanship and inspections questioned

TBO  & video


Bradenton Herald  – Willowbrook residents in Manatee facing long fight with developer

Bradenton Herald  – More homes ruled unsafe

Bradenton Herald  – Angry Manatee residents mail 2,000 letters to KB Home, government officials

Bradenton Herald – Manatee inspectors deem two Willowbrook town homes unsafe, more could come

Bradenton Herald  – County inspectors rule East Manatee condo unsafe

Bradenton Herald – Manatee County will conduct safety inspection on Willowbrook condos

Bradenton Herald   

TBO 4/22/10 Former KB Home chief convicted in scam – You can goggle and find tons of articles on this including on the FBI website

Vcstar – Follow up story on Runkle Canyon Are the buyers of KB Homes being made aware of the situation?