Are You a Victim Too?


If you own a KB Home for your protection get the building plans from the county / city building department. If you can afford it, hire a structural engineer and make sure your house was built to code.

To file a complaint below are some links:

Go to, it will look like cyber crime, but it is for all reporting. Call the FBI for help in filling out the for,. it is a little confusing. This will send flags out across the country and will be either handled locally or nationally. The more people fill out the complaint the better. Check off Money (shopping),  Incidental – check off something else Use your current address, but farther down put in the address where your home is. Monetary loss, include if renting elsewhere, inspections and other money you loss. You will be able to change the amount later. If you wrote to the Attorney General or other consumer protection check that box off. Add other names if you know of other homeowners having issues, even if it being repeated by someone else. 

The FBI will turn over to the US Attorney who can possibly throw them in jail, get restitution orders and fine them. It is important to do all of these complaints listed here, with the FTC and the DBPR also. Yes, it takes time, but look at what you have lost. Well worth taking a weekend to do this. We are also looking for people who bought and moved out, short sale, foreclosure due to construction issues. Please contact me so we can get you added on. 

FL Attorney General – My home falls under fraud, deceptive practices, chances are yours does too. The more people who report to them the better. If your not in Florida contact the States Attorney for your area.

FTC – Federal Trade Commission They will not handle your individual case but they have gone after KB Home in the past and are investigating them again. They cannot take CD’s. so hard copy all documents. 

File Complaint Form Department of Business & Professional Regulations – This link is for Fl, Google for your state

After they receive your complaint you will then give them documentation to show fraud and deceptive practices. This will then be turned over to the US Attorney for prosecution. 

State Attorney

US Attorney – The FBI will refer the case to them for prosecution. 

Congress – Link for all states

Consumer Affairs – This link to their site is the news page and shows the fraud KB Home commits.  Consumer Affairs KB Home pays a monthly fee to Consumer Affairs. This entitles KB to access reviewer’s private contact information, feature one testimonial at the top of their business listing and most importantly, import customer satisfaction data!

If you bought a KB Home, they put pressure on you to fill a customer review. This is done right after you close on your home, before you know you bought a house from hell. Before KB was paying, I believe they had a one star on their reviews. Now they are five stars. KB Home knows how to work the system. I’ve been told by owners, in response to a good review they will receive an upgraded refrigerator or other items/discounts.  

Better Business Bureau has revoked its accreditation. We are receiving emails from across the country, with others having major issues. Please contact me  so we can help you fight back. Lets get them the rating they deserve across the country.  Please file a complaint with them!  

Contact the news media

Website: There were some other websites that have been taken down recently. Just make sure not to sell anything or raise money and don’t lie. Check out sites like Go Daddy, simple to do, not expensive and the more websites out there the more we can warn prospective buyers on our issues. Feel free to use my disclaimers on your page. To copy YouTube Video’s – Right like on video, copy URL In another window paste URL and in front of youtube type ss then download with 360 Mp4. Example of where the ss goes It is now saved on your computer ready to upload to YouTube. My website will NEVER be negotiated for! 

Protest – Make sure your on public property, stand near the entrance and have flyers to hand out. Regular copy paper works fine.  Your welcome to give them my website and others on this site. This really hurts the sales. Most days not one person will go into the sales office after talking to me and I’ve had some people cancel their contracts.  Do not shout, block traffic and please ignore the sales staff, do not get into fights with them. Check the legalities in the area you are going to protest. 

Facebook to all KB Home pages. Write a short description of your issues and include a link or two to websites, copy and paste to everyone who looks like they are interested in one of their homes and message them also include realtors or other people that should be aware of our issues. This is simple to do while you are making phone calls or watching TV.


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