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 KB Home Reviews and Complaints

 KB Home Building homes without proper supports/connectors 


The Better Business Bureau has removed KB Home's accreditation due to complaints across the country and placed an alert status

Buyer Beware: Outright fraud and deceptive practices. Attorney fees, inspection fees, lost work - will you even be able to live in your new KB Home? Owners across the country are having issues from shoddy workmanship to major code violations. It has been nothing but pure hell for so many people moving into their "dream" home. Many owners have simply walked away, ruining their credit, unable to fight the corrupt corporate giant. Homes bought for $340,000 only worth $70,000 due to shoddy construction.

KB Home uses Non-Binding forced arbitration (After the FTC ordered them to stop Binding Arbitration) is a predatorily process that most cannot afford therefore offers no means of legal recourse to hold the builder accountable for the average person. This forces you into arbitration where you don't recoup your legal fees and experts, which could cost you over $100,000. Then if you win, you can be right back to where you started from with KB awarded the right to repair the house. This happened to my mother along with the costs of being unable to live in her home for five years and paying to live elsewhere.

KB's repairs in our complex after much media attention and the Attorney General involved is still getting away with shoddy repairs. There is already have water intrusion in multiple units. Only "limited" mold inspections are done and toxic mold is already showing up in a number of units immediately after repairs. Willowbrook is being watched closely, what about the ones that aren't? Willowbrook was one of the lucky ones, who had enough people stand up working tirelessly, giving up their personal time and missing work fighting KB Home, yet they still continue their game of cutting corners at every opportunity given. Here is just a small example of them running out of tile and placing carpet in a section. The big issues is what will really cost you, wrong a/c's put in, calling for different wiring and duct work, wrong seer and ton. Yet KB is suing the company but not replacing our units, are they pocketing the money for themselves? Typical KB corruption. The list of shortcuts they do goes on and on. 

KB Home whistleblower lawsuit, alleged KB knew about, but failed to disclose major structural defects before selling the homes to unsuspecting buyers. Even after this, KB continued to build homes not to code and refusal to uphold their warranty agreement. They also gave the Building Department gifts. Our homes in Florida are missing hurricane straps and other major supports.