Even after the Attorney General in FL found KB Home GUILTY of Deceptive Practices & Fraud, they continue to not honor their warranties and continue shoddy building practices.

Please watch video to end, these are million dollar homes in CA:

November 2017 – After the AG found KB Home GUILTY, more homes, forcing owners to sue. Many can’t afford the cost, can you!:

Besides structural & stucco issues, you have to worry about proper insulation of your HVAC, do you have the right size, did they properly install, glue, did they even take the time to insulate. My neighbors estimate is $32,000 just for the HVAC issues, let alone all the other major defects.

KB Home has engaged in intentional misguided and/or gross negligence as well as a calculated scheme to hide evidence of material facts which affects the value of the home that they sold.

Don’t trust ConsumerAffairs website, as KB Home is paying to submit reviews they have collected. Funny they were horrible reviews until KB Home started paying.


  • Failing to disclose to certain purchasers in Florida that the homes being constructed violated applicable building codes.
  • Failing to disclose to certain purchasers in Florida that the homes being constructed did not conform with the original building plans and specifications.
  • Denying certain consumers’ warranty repair requests because they purchased short sales or from banks after foreclosure proceedings, not proper exclusions under the KB HOME warranty.
  • Refusing certain consumers’ warranty repair requests due to a lack of maintenance by the homeowner when the structure’s problems were attributable to defective construction.

CBS Video – Attorney General Settlement KB Home

Is KB Home doing insurance fraud, filing suits against the contractors, when all homes weren’t repaired? Did KB Home guide the work? Is this racketeering?

Please file a complaint with your Attorney General and push for criminal charges, don’t settle for less. Also file with the FBI (800-225-5324) and the FTC online consumer complaint

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