Joist Issues

Turn volume up. You can hear the deflection of the web of the I-Joist.
This sound goes to the top of the web. This is the better of the two joists

This is the better of the two joists exposed.  Deflection goes up to the top of the web. Will take a moment to load


Improper bracing and nailing


Combination OSB and plywood

Bad Joist

Damaged joist, also not nailed properly.  I’m very concerned about the safety of my home and I doubt this is an isolated issue with the joist. I don’t understand how a nail could be placed here, as this alone could damage an I-Joist.





Improper nailing


Three out of three joists are not properly supported along with damaged joist. This makes my house unsafe


Improper nailing


Shoddy repair to sub-floor